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Find Your Beat

What is Find Your Beat?

A series of FREE wellness + fitness events that encourage

people to find what makes their “heart beat”.

This is any kind of movement activity that increases your

heart rate and makes you feel your best.

We believe that each unique body has the ability to reach its

full potential if the right workout is found for each of us.

We want to help people discover the best workout fit for their own body, 

by bringing the workouts to tell in a centralized place.

Our key messages: be engaged, be inspired, make a change.

Chikirina believes that we all have changes to make if we look

deep inside ourselves. We aim to be the propeller

of this change in a dynamic way.

Most of all, BE YOURSELF! Discover what makes you, you.

Ready to join us? Email to learn about our next event series, or follow us and @findyourbeat_tr to stay updated!





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