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Erica Brown

After many years of dance training, I discovered a new sense of calm through yoga. My practice began through the discipline of Bikram yoga, and I was later drawn to the dance and mind/body connection of Yoga Sculpt and Power yoga. I want my students to experience the benefits of the physical and mental challenges of yoga sculpt. I incorporate hip-hop music, humor, and encouragement to push through my yoga sculpt class. I have worked with professional basketball players and professional football players and have trained all over the United States and Istanbul, Turkey. I am certified in Power Yoga and Yoga Sculpt (RYT) from Corepower Yoga. My goal is to utilize the principles of yoga sculpt to begin and/or continue on my journey of self-actualization. I am currently teaching private lessons in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Los Angeles yoga community and instructors inspired me to make yoga my career and lifestyle choice. I strive to promote the feeling of community and belonging to my students. For it is the feeling of belonging that awakened my passion for yoga and gave  me confidence to make yoga my life’s mission. I have trained under and been most inspired by the teachings of Aree Khodai, Chris Chavez, Jahmelia Lindsay, Charlotte Munn, and Melanie Cora Freeman.

I see myself fitting with Chikirina's mission because I also believe that fashion and a healthy lifestyle should be practiced both on and off the mat. I feel proud to be an ambassador for a company that empowers women to look and feel their best.



Ozgecan Tapa

Greetings and Love

I've been a mover all my life and I am very grateful to dance & yoga.

When I was growing up, my family had spontaneous dance sessions and that was my favorite time of the day. I got to dance and sing in ecstasy and did not depend on words to express myself. I remember having a lot of fun moving around. I was 6 years old when I took my first ballet class. I already knew something important was happening to me. After years of classical ballet training and graduating from Istanbul Bilgi University's Management of Performing Arts Department; I became a professional dancer/performer.

I have worked with great artists and have been exploring in different dance styles. 

I love what I do, even between crazy travel schedules, exhaustion and the occasional confusion. It has always been fun, beyond my imagination.

I am constantly amazed by the many abilities and beauty of human body.

I respect the body as a vessel, temple, playground..

I feel blessed to have cross paths with all my teachers, dancers, students & friends. They inspire me to unlock different aspects of my nature such as rhythm, silence, movement, stillness, ritual, play, 5 elements, mythology, aromatherapy and LOVE.

In 2011, I finished my first yoga teachers training, in Istanbul with Zeynep Aksoy.

Since then, I keep traveling further. I love traveling because I believe it is the most humbling experience and the best kind of education.

I have been dividing my time between Istanbul & Los Angeles for the past couple of years. I am constantly on the move and thanks to Chikirina I am always comfortable traveling, practicing yoga, dancing & creating. With the support of Chikirina –team, I feel like a super hero being able to stretch, run free and explore the wonders of life.

I study yoga & dance, perform and share my understanding of the nature of movement.

I experiment in and offer vinyasa yoga classes & yoga trance dance sessions; spontaneous flow of freeform movement as taught by my teacher, global yogini & firekeeper Shiva Rea. 

Earth, water, fire, air, space

and DANCE.

I love the circus and I'm a break dance fan. I wish to be a musician when I grow up.

I have a thing for books and sunsets.

Enjoying the beats of this wild journey

see you on the circle..



“There is a vitality, a life force,

an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and

because there is only one of you

in all time, this expression is unique.

And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.”

-      Martha Graham


Lacey DeVries

A healthy body that enables a life on the move is a gift I’m most thankful for. As a young girl, my life was filled with gymnastics, dance, and lots of running around our farm outside Seattle, Washington, trying to keep up with my six siblings - cart-wheeling, hand-standing, choreographing dances, stretching or climbing the next climbable thing.

As I got older, maintaining this lifestyle got harder. Work and studies consumed my life and imbalance crept in. After graduating from university and moving to Istanbul, Turkey, I committed to making movement a priority. I started practicing Bikram yoga and running, and began to experience life in an entirely new way. I started to understand the relationship between body movement and mind. Yoga freed my body, cleared my mind, and opened my heart. It brought awareness, balance, strength, endurance, and fluidity into my life. It healed.

Yoga continues to heal, restore, and bring me balance. Wanting to share it with more people, I completed the Chris Chavez Path to Teacher Training at Cihangir Yoga Studio in Istanbul, getting my RYT 200-hour Yoga Alliance certificate. I love inspiring people to move, find and build their strength, and connect with themselves.

After four years living, working, and practicing in Istanbul, I discovered new passions and aptitudes and started designing a life around them - a life where I do what I feel called to do to best contribute to this broad world.

My dream is to create a communal space where people practice and share their passion, getting inspiration and encouragement from others. I figured it’d be best to learn from others already doing this, so I’m traveling and interning around the world in the hospitality field for a year(ish) with people who share my passions. From Iceland to South Africa, Thailand to South America, and anywhere else I end up, I’m living Chikirina’s vision of a life on the move, using yoga to help me ground and find balance.

Let’s connect: @lacedwjoy



Roxy Menzies

I have been a lover of movement all my life!
Even in stillness our physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional bodies continue to pulsate and create rhythms.

My curiosity for life and movement has led me (and I've been blessed) to live, work, grow and travel around the globe. The motto 'life on the move' couldn't be any more fitting and currently I'm based between Istanbul and Toronto.

Upon reflection, I can see a pathway through travel, art, work and new opportunities that's led me from the Dance world to Pilates to massage to GYROTONIC® to Yamuna® Body Rolling.

The vision of my work is to guide individual's to explore their own movement capabilities – to stand, walk and fulfill any daily activity or sport with grace and length. Essentially for individual's to live and move with ease and without pain. I believe we are all healers and we all have the capacity to deeply connect our mind, body and spirit.

I am elated to be a part of the Chiki team – not just for the stylish and comfortable clothing but for a company with roots grounded in community, communication and integrity (not to mention the kick-ass story of its inception).

IG: @roxymenzies


Kathleen Schwiese

I’ve always been passionate about exercising. Long time I hold on doing Gymnastics, Dancing and Athletics as a competitive sportswoman in championships. As I’ve been working in Marketing Consulting Sector after having studied Business Administration, through the years as a part-time-job I became a licensed Group Fitness- and Personal Fitness Trainer, Mental-Trainer and completed my first Yoga and Pilates Education 12 years ago – and have been immediately excited. Fully qualified for Yoga and Pilates by further Trainings in Sri Lanka (RYT, Yoga Alliance) and USA (STOTT Pilates Trainer, Los Angeles) I loved to share my passion for it. After more than 6 years working abroad all over the World in Tourism on behalf of High class Hotels as a Yoga Teacher, Health Specialist and as Instructor of Teacher Trainings, as well as I conducted Yoga-Retreats at enchanting places, these years has given me a lot of experience and skills. Certified as a Meditation Teacher, Relaxation- and Stressmanagement-Trainer I held workshops and in-house-trainings of companies. As a Speaker of Burnout-Prevention-Seminars in behalf of different organizations at home and abroad I’m teaching enthusiastically about personality development and relaxation methods during the past 6 years.

Nevertheless, I always trusted my own designed gentle holistic way of Exercise and Relaxation, which I’m sharing with a constantly accumulating audience. The Miraculous of Yoga or Far-Eastern-Methods like Qi Gong, which are connecting Mind, Body and Soul, is - so I  see – it’s giving people so much and it could be the key for a balanced Being.

As I’ve been a spiritual child and have been talking to trees, animals and the sea before I could speak, it’s no wonder I became a vegetarian for ethical reasons 35 years ago. Environment and Animal welfare I see as naturally and as a matter of course. I felt always connected with Nature and I see the importance in environmental protection and respecting all beings. Therefore, I’m more than happy having met Fulya and Janelle seeing them evolving a small collection of remanufactured yoga pants. I love the Outfit and design of Chikirina`s sports wear - let’s have fun with it!

In Yoga, it’s been like encountering something well-known, when I started studying the probably 6000 years old Vedic scriptures a few years ago. The quintessence of the timeless meaningful content recommends, amongst others, practising non-violence or non-injury. The ancient Sanskrit words “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” said: “May All Beings Be Happy and Free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all”. – (translation by Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti Yoga)



Arzu Cohen

Hi, I'm Arzu
Born in Germany, raised in Germany&Turkey, have lived both in East-West coasts of US for 15 years and now splitting time between Seattle and Istanbul my life has been on the move ever since:)
Growing up I have been active with playing sports, being outdoors and swimming. Movement has always been an essential part of my life and with having a commited yoga practice now it is my heart and soul. The first time I have stepped on the yoga mat was over 15 years ago and my relationship was on and off. Even though yoga wasn't my rock back then life kept bringing me and yoga has brought me back to life. The real shift happened when I took a class at Olympian Jamie Silverstein's, Seattle's Top Vinyasa Yoga Studio, The Grinning Yogi. Jamie and her fantastic teacher team has inspired me to take my practice at a deeper level, 200 HR Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program in 2016. During the teacher training I have studied with such enlightened teachers including Tara Dyberg, Emily Kasman, Bree Dillon, Ryan LileAnja Kellner Rogers, Dr. Arjuna Matt Van Auken and Laughing Lotus New York's incredible Director Sheri Celentano. The super supportive Seattle community made me feel at home and teacher training has transformed my life. 
Having found what I was looking for I have parted ways with Microsoft and begun teaching in Seattle. My mission is to share guidance on the journey to embrace your exquisite self starting on the mat. In my classes I focus on creating a safe and fun practice through breath, movement and mindfulness designed just for you!
Chikirina's exhilarating motto, multi-fuctional high end products, and vibrant community got me at first sight. Last summer in 2016, I have collabrated with my long time friends, Chikirina co-founders Fulya&Janelle. A while after becoming Seattle's First Brand Ambassador I have came to Istanbul and recently started working as Chikirina's Global Sales Ambassador. It is a great honor be part of this wonderful. constantly growing global community. I'm very grateful to get to know all these amazing souls.
And for those who are curious about the ultimate question "Why Chikirina?" here is my answer. Chikirina is my power suit! Whether I'm teaching a yoga class, swimming in the ocean, walking around the town or travelling around the globe I move with such confidence and ease:)
Much love.
#sharing the delightful gift of yoga

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