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Chikirina is a women’s lifestyle brand that creates seasonless swim & activewear that can transition to daily life.

Sourcing some of the finest fabrics from around the world - we design multi-functional pieces that bridge the gap between swimwear, activewear & lingerie.

Best known for SwimBras & Bodysuits, we strive to develop
transitional staples that can take you from sweat to swim and day-to-night.

We promise versatility, innovation, quality, and comfort; all you need to do is WEAR IT YOUR WAY.



Janelle: Co-Founder, Brand Manager

Call her a globe trotter, a fitness lover, an entrepreneur. Janelle seems to be born and bred for the unpredictable entrepreneurial lifestyle. After finishing undergrad at Santa Clara University in California, she uprooted herself and moved to Turkey to explore a side of her culture that was yet untapped. Leaving behind previous work as a marketing director of a fashion mobile app and a prospective career in retail & fashion, she somehow knew there was something waiting for her in the far away city of Istanbul. As one year turned into four, what blossomed in that time was a partnership with her cousin and long lost soul-mate Fulya, and the birth of Chikirina. 

Fulya: Co-Founder, Creative Director 

They say movement is the song of the body. For Fulya, its that and more. Dancer, turned costume designer, turned fashion designer; creativity seems to flow for her as fluid as water. This spirited individual has always been drawn to the road less travelled, more interested in carving out her own path in the bustling city of Istanbul. After paying her corporate dues as a designer for KYO my Friend, New Yorker, and Koton, she was more than ready to work for herself and the unpredictable world of building her own business. With the right partner by her side, she was finally ready to express herself fully as co-founder and creative director of Chikirina.


SUMMER, 1997


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