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Why do we do this?

Chikirina is a Turkish-American activewear and lifestyle brand created for the “every woman”- the “super woman”; who seeks to make the most of life. We aim to inspire women to embrace their true selves and be comfortable in their own skin. Our promise is to provide smart, functional and stylish clothing and accessories that inspire confidence and comfort in daily life. We believe in strength, flexibility, and balance for multitasking and powerful women. We know, because we’re just like you.  


Who is Chikirina?

Chikirina was brought to life as a Turkish-American brand, by long-distance cousins Fulya & Janelle. These two like-minded spirits, fitness & fashion enthusiasts, and close friends - born into different cultures - knew there was something missing in the Turkish market and sought to provide it. Inspired by a term their grandmother used to call them, the name "Chikirina" derives from Lazish, meaning "tiny little girl". Keeping in mind the importance of family as the bond that brought these two girls together, Chikirina as a brand name was perfect fit. With a vision of inspiring women in Turkey to be their most bold, confident, and healthy selves, together they have crafted the ideal collection of urban activewear for life on the move.


XO Janelle & Fulya



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