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Up for a Ride under Water?

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If you’re finding it difficult to say farewell to summer and the sea, aqua cycling may just be the workout that will fit your mood this September.

Aqua cycling is simply cycling in a pool: you get into a pool, get on a bike with no wheels that is stuck to the pool floor, and pedal. Once you put on your bathing suit and find yourself waist-high in water, all you need to do is use water for resistance.  The faster you pedal, the harder it gets, obviously! One of the key differences of aqua cycling is that there are no speed adjustments – it’s totally up to you to put in the effort.

Why is it better than regular indoor cycling? Because it’s easier on your joints and works your core much more. Plus you get a better workout because water resistance allows you to train harder and build more endurance faster than you would on a regular stationary bike. In addition to burning up to 800 calories per session, another benefit of this high-intensity interval training is that you’re more likely to reduce the appearance of cellulite due to the water massaging your legs throughout the exercise.

The trend is so new in Istanbul that aqua cycling gyms haven’t been established yet. But you can still try this total body workout at Upaqua in Ulus, where you get into a little personalized pool with only your bike and reap the same benefits.

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