The Detox Diaries – Entry 5: The End

Embarking on this detox, which kind of happened to me without me initially planning for it, has been more insightful and challenging than I could have anticipated.

It was intended for a bodily cleanse and change yet turned out to bring out the toxins in my mind that have been holding me back.

After following the detox word-for-word for 6 weeks, the changes seemed too insignificant for me. The initial feeling of clarity had become the norm so that wasn’t a particular high anymore. The weight loss was there but it was minimal when compared to the amount of changes that I made and the strict rules that I followed. And yes I was more energetic but it didn’t feel enough. And at the end of those 6 weeks, I took a bite of carbs, which was followed by several more bites, and then the next 2 weeks felt like a roller coaster of caving into carbs and sugar and then pulling myself back in line.

As I came to an end on this 8-week journey, I found that I did not have physical accomplishments to show off but I did gain some personal insights and realizations that I’d like to share.

  1. Doing something for the sake of doing it, for the joy of it, for the love of it is so much better than doing it to gain a result. There is no guarantee that you’ll get the results but it is guaranteed that you’ll have enjoyed the ride regardless if you did it for the joy of it.
  2. My body speaks to me in ways that I have yet to understand and I need to learn to listen to it.
  3. A recipe for change may work wonders for someone else but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right recipe for me.
  4. Failure means I am one step closer to victory.
  5. Being kind to myself is crucial - no matter what.
  6. Comparing myself to others does absolutely no good.
  7. The proof that you truly want something lies in your honest attempts to get it. Even after the countless times that you’ve failed.
  8. There is a very thin line between rooting for change and not accepting yourself. The trick is to come to accept the way you are and then grow from there.
  9. Learning to listen to your heart (or your inner voice or whatever you’d like to call it) is the best gift you can give yourself.
  10. Picking yourself back up is up to you. No one will do it for you.
  11. Breaking an addiction with food gives me strength to break other emotional addictions in life.
  12. I do not need coffee to wake up.
  13. As much as I love cheese, dairy shuts my body down and makes me feel super tired.
  14. Fruit provides me with all the sugar that my body needs. I actually do not need to eat any refined sugar.
  15. Moderation and balance are key to my life, not just in terms of food and diet but in every aspect.
  16. I have an unending love for carbs, which only needs to be tamed not forbidden.
  17. Trying different diets means getting introduced to different ingredients and ways of cooking, which make eating all the more fun. (Tahini, yogurt, and walnuts are my new favorite breakfast mix.)
  18. Packaged foods do not feel like food to me anymore and they are not coming back to my life.
  19. Being prepared is the key to staying on track.
  20. The best gift of clean eating is a clear mind.