Pole Dancing: Have Fun Getting in Shape

Pole dancing has quite a heated debate around it: for some it’s a type of sport that deserves its place in the Olympics, for some it’s a form of art, and for others (regardless of which category it falls under) it’s a way for women to empower themselves and reconnect with their feminine power.

Although it has its roots in strip clubs, pole dancing is slowly and surely becoming a respectable sport with international competitive events and it’s rising in popularity as a great workout.

Benefits of Pole Dancing

  1. It’s a full body workout but it especially builds your core muscles and upper-body strength. Forget sit-ups and push-ups, pole dancing will tone your muscles like no other.
  2. Although it may not look like it, pole dancing gets your heart rate up so it’s also great for your heart.
  3. It improves your balance and flexibility. After all, you only have a brass pole to move around.
  4. It strengthens your bones and joints without putting any pressure on them.
  5. It’s a great calorie-burning exercise.
  6. It boosts your confidence. You not only get in shape but also learn to do some amazing moves that you initially thought were impossible.
  7. You’re more likely to be consistent with this workout because in addition to making your body look great and making you feel good, it’s also super fun so it doesn’t feel like going to gym.

Where to do it in Istanbul?

Wow has studios in 4.Levent, Kadıköy, and Ataşehir. They offer pole dancing, exotic pole dancing, and unisex pole fitness classes.