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October Events: What’s Happening in the City This Month?

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Garden Sale

Two days of shopping, music, food, and a whole lot of socializing awaits you at Küçükçiftlik Park. In its fifth year, Garage Sale will host 60 designers who will showcase their products that include clothing, objects, jewelry, and much more. Daytime will be about shopping, street musicians, street artists, DJs, and workshops, while live music performances and movie screenings will take place in the evenings. Chikirina will be there with the active and swim collections so make sure to stop by!

Place: Küçükçiftlik Park

Date and Time: 1-2 October

Price: 20TL

Intro to Self-Defense

If knowing a few self-defense tricks would make you feel safer in the streets, head to this free self-defense workshop where you’ll be introduced to the basics. If you like it, you can sign up for their full course (a total of 7.5 hours). Further details are available here.

Place: Just Fit Spor Salonu, Kadıköy

Date and Time: 6 October, 8pm-11pm

Price: Free

Contact info: 05308448023 or

Tibetan Reiki Initiation Training (Level 1 and 2)

This Tibetan Reiki workshop will teach you how to connect to the universal life force and start activating your healing powers. The free class on October 7 will be an introduction to reiki. Level 1 will teach students to heal physical problems and Level 2 will teach how to heal psychological and emotional problems.

Place: Om Yoga Merkezi

Date and Time: 7 October (7pm), 8 October (Level 1: 11am-6pm), 9 October (Level 2: 11am-6pm)

Price: 250TL + KDV (Level 1), 350TL + KDV (Level 2)

Contact info: or (0212) 322 28 19

Sound Healing at the St. Helena Chapel

An afternoon of gongs, Shamanic drums, flutes, bells, and several other instruments will be played to help you heal whatever needs to be healed and to feel the oneness of all. The event will start with a meditation and all proceeds will be given to charity. Open to everyone.

Place: St. Helena Chapel, Beyoğlu

Date and Time: 8 October, 4pm-5.30pm

Price: 70 TL

Contact info:

Color Sky 5K Run

Whether you want to run the 5K or walk it, the Color Sky 5K Run is an excuse to feel like a kid again. It’s a festival not a competition and the best part of the run is having colored powder thrown all over you at every kilometer and reaching the finish line looking like you’ve just passed through a rainbow. The run is coordinated with Bedensel Engellilerle Dayanışma Derneği. Further details and tickets are available here.

Place: Caddebostan Sahili

Date and Time: 9 October, 11.30am

Price: 75TL

Intro to Yoga

If you’re new to yoga or have never tried it before, Hariom Yoga’s four-class introduction, given by different instructors, will provide a solid foundation on what yoga is, from pranayama and meditation to asanas and philosophy.  

Place: Hariom Yoga

Date and Time: 10,12,17,19 October, 8.15pm

Instructor: Lale Batur Dolu, Özge Serdar, Nelida İleri

Price: 130TL

Contact info: 0216 414 69 86 or

Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

The shamanic journey is the art of using rhythm and intent to connect to the spiritual life. According to shamanism, there is a reality that we can’t access with our five senses. This two-day workshop will include: a quick look at the history of shamanism, ways of accessing shamanic consciousness, dreams, the importance of intent, journey through different worlds to meet spiritual teachers, shamanic healing ceremony, and more.

Place: Om Yoga Merkezi

Date and Time: 15 October (12pm-7.30pm), 16 October (10.30am-5.30pm)

Instructor: Simin Uysal

Price: 450 TL+KDV

Contact info: 02123222819 or

Run at the Belgrad Forest

Test your limits at the Belgrad forest in a challenging trail. Choose from 4K to 28K depending on your level, and enjoy the scenery while pushing yourself. Details and tickets are available here.

Place: Belgrad Forest

Date and Time: 16 October

Contact info: (0212) 281 79 75

Taichi Qigong – Level 1

This is the first of a three-part series workshop that aims to teach movements based on Taichi and is intended to increase awareness and improve health.  The first level focuses on essential postures, Qi awareness, yin-yang principles and breath, and more.  

Place: Yoga Şala (Bağdat Caddesi)

Date and Time: 16 October, 10am-6pm

Instructor: Onur Aydınoğlu

Price: 350TL

Contact info: 0216 330 50 31

Yoga for Radiance

We can all feel and connect with our feminine energy. This workshop aims to set that energy free with asanas, soft movements, dance, and group activities so that you can access your feminine wisdom and create radiance inside and out.

Place: Cihangir Yoga, Cihangir

Date and Time: 22 October, 4pm- 6.30pm

Instructor: Blaire Lindsay

Price: 65 TL

Contact info: or 0212 243 19 93  

Making Peace with the Feminine Energy and the Menstrual Cycle

An ayurveda expert and iyengar yoga instructor, Sine Özsoy will offer breath-based techniques, ayurvedic nutritional advice and recipes, and calming movements that will help you not only to decrease pain during your menstrual cycle but also to decrease appetite if desired and relieve from fatigue.

Place: Hariom Yoga

Date and Time: 30 October, 1pm-4pm

Instructor: Sine Özsoy

Price: 118 TL

Contact info: or 0216 414 69 86

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