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November Events: What’s Happening in the City This Month?

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HIIT & Health Workshop

Do you want to get fit and be healthier but feel trapped in your busy schedule to make lasting change? Would you like to learn about the most effective way to get fit and de-stress? This workshop includes a short talk on how to be healthier, an 18-minute high intensity interval training (HIIT), a short yoga sequence for calmness, and life improvement counseling. There is also a gift bag at the end and a mini wellness bazaar (where you’ll find Chikirina products), so don’t miss out. Space is limited to 50 people so email to reserve your spot now.

Place: Bomontiada

Date and Time: 6 November, 3pm-5pm

Instructors: Anne (Natura by Anne) and Seda (Yoga Şala )

Price: Free

Contact info: or



Sense Writing

NYC-based writer and long-time NYU instructor of Creative Writing Madelyn Kent will be in Istanbul giving Sense Writing workshops, which is intended to release physical and mental blockages through writing. The workshop also aims to teach participants how to get rid of worries and fears, and delve further into their imagination. The workshop is suitable for professional writers who are experiencing writer’s block as well as those who are just starting out. The workshop will be in English and there won’t be any translation but participants are free to write in whichever language they prefer. For further details about Sense Writing 1 and to learn about Sense Writing 2 (which will be held on 12-13 November), click here.

Place: Yeşil Stüdyo, Gayrettepe

Date and Time: 5-6 November (12.30-5pm) or 8-9 November (12.30-5pm)

Instructor: Madelyn Kent

Price: 600 TL

Contact info:


Integrity Seminars- Step 1: Discovery

Are you totally happy with your life? Are there parts of your life that you wish would change and improve? Do you feel there is more to you, more to life but you just don’t know how to get there? Do you sometimes feel confined by your upbringing, your surroundings, your culture, your patterns, your thoughts? Break the cycle at the Discovery Seminar, the first step in a two-part transformational workshop series. During the mental, physical, and emotional activities, you’ll be able to become aware of your limiting beliefs and how they affect your life, experience how your life would transform once those beliefs are changed, and gain a totally fresh perspective on who you really are.

Place: Steigenberger Hotel Maslak

Date and Time: 11 November (7pm-12.30am), 12-13 November (11am-8pm)

Instructor: Mehmet Bayramoğlu

Price: 1200 TL

Contact info: or 0538 333 1885


Tai Chi Qigong

This is the first of a three-part series workshop that aims to teach movements based on Tai chi and is intended to increase awareness and improve health. The first level focuses on essential postures, Qi awareness, yin-yang principles, breath, and more.

Place: Yoga Şala, Bağdat Caddesi

Date and Time: 19-20 November, 1pm-4.30pm

Instructor: Dr. Onur Aydınoğlu

Price: 350 TL

Contact info: 0216 330 50 31


Use Your Body Correctly – The Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique helps you get rid of movements and postures that cause you to use your body incorrectly. Moving incorrectly also means we use our energy incorrectly. We slouch, we can’t sit or stand up straight with our heads held high, we get posture problems that result in stress, pain, fatigue, and more. This workshop will help you break that cycle and harmonize your mind and body to reprogram correct postures and movements.

Place: Yogatime

Date and Time: 12 November, 1pm-5pm

Instructor: Nedret Gülcan

Price: 200 TL

Contact info: or 05304189503


Shaman Durek Bootcamp

A third-generation shaman, Shaman Durek will be in Istanbul for a workshop intended for you to realize and claim your personal power. The workshop will include Jera healing sessions, protecting your energy field, learning to be more emphatic, expanding your consciousness, and more.

Place: Armada Hotel

Date and Time: 12 November, 9am-6pm

Instructor: Shaman Durek

Price: 300 USD

Contact info: or 0531 417 84 86


The 38th Istanbul Marathon

It’s time for the only cross-continental marathon in the world once again! Whether it’s a 42K, 15K or 10K run or a 8K walk, it’s sure to be an amazing experience crossing over the bridge on foot. Sign-up for the marathon is closed as of now but you can still sign up for the walk. Further details are here.

Date and Time: November 13, 9am-2.30pm


Harmony of Sounds and Body

Join sisters Meriç Fıratlı and Elif Nayman for a few hours where you will get a chance to experience the harmony of sound and movement. The workshop is a mix of ancient teachings and techniques that include talks, physical activities, and meditative activities, and allows you to view sounds, the body, and movements as tools that you can use to support yourself in life. For further details, click here.

Place: Dancentrum

Date and Time: 20 November, 2pm-6pm

Instructor: Meriç Fıratlı and Elif Nayman

Price: 200 TL (180TL for payments made the 18 November)

Contact info: 0212 2300294


Music Therapy

Let yourself be guided by sounds of nature and chants, let go of all negativity, relax and reconnect with Mother Earth.

Place: Nefess Yoga

Date and Time: 20 November, 7.3opm-9.00pm

Instructor: Dimitrios

Price: 60TL

Contact info: or 0216 550 03 00



Fall Retreat with Abhaya and Rhea

Give yourself the gift of a retreat in the south of Turkey that centers around yoga, meditation, and reiki sessions. The retreat is scheduled around the new moon, which will help participants plant the seeds of their intentions, and vegan-only meals will help them nourish themselves and give their bodies the break that they deserve. Silence, nature, and a journey into who you are awaits you with Abahaya and Rhea in Antalya. For further details, click here.

Place: Tadah Artist Habitat (Manavgat, Antalya)

Date and Time: 25-27 November

Instructor: Nisa Prem Abhaya and Rhea

Price: 600TL (includes accommodation, meals, and the workshop)

Contact info:









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