Flying High with Aerial Yoga

We all know that yoga calms the mind, stretches the body, and feeds the soul. Yet there are some types of yoga that go a step further. Aerial yoga (or anti-gravity yoga) is one of them.

Here is how it works: you sit on a soft, hammock-like fabric that’s suspended in the air and you use the hammock as support while doing regular yoga moves or their aerial counterparts as well as pilates and acrobatics-inspired movements. Some refer to this exercise as a type of yoga while for others it’s a unique type of fitness that merges a variety of styles. Regardless of which category it falls under, it’s a rising trend in many parts of the world due to its benefits and the fact that it’s fun!

What can you expect to gain from aerial yoga?

  1. You get to fly, which is one of the reasons this exercise helps you release your inner child and de-stress. Plus, you release the happy hormones (like dopamine and serotonin) so you feel better not just during the workout but also throughout the day.
  2. Due to its anti-gravity component, you spend less energy while you flex more. You can also perform certain yoga postures with ease without straining your neck or back.
  3. It allows your spine to lengthen and helps heal back issues.
  4. It increases your strength, and improves your coordination, flexibility and balance.
  5. It’s a total body workout so you get to tone and refine all your muscles.

Not many yoga studios in Istanbul offer regular aerial yoga lessons but there are a few studios where you can practice it. Some yoga studios also hold aerial yoga workshops from time to time.

Studios offering regular aerial yoga lessons in Istanbul:

Yoga Fly Istanbul in Şişli

Nuyu Gym in Kuruçeşme