Online Food Shopping

We had recently written about Tazedirekt, an online grocery store from where you could order organic foods right to your door. Unfortunately, Tazedirekt abruptly closed, and we thought we’d provide a few alternatives for your organic food and products shopping needs.

There are many options to choose from, as organic and eco-friendly products have become much more popular over recent years. Here is just a few options that we recommend:


Tazemasa has seasonal and regional foods in an easy-to-use website. The prices are competitive, and there are organic products categorized separately.

Organikim has a beautifully-designed websites where only organic products are sold. Their categories include gluten-free foods, baby products, personal care, natural kitchen gear, and cleaning products in addition to your usual grocery needs.

City Farm is fully-organic, selling all your grocery needs plus cleaning products and personal care products. They also have stores around the city.

Organikciyizbiz sells mainly organic products, with some non-organic yet natural and chemical-free options as well. Plus – you can buy organic cleaning products, toys, personal care products, and kitchen gear.

İda Bahçe brings natural, additive-free products, from groceries to personal care, right to your door all grown organically in Kazdağı.

Memleketten Gelsin is where you’ll find regional products from all around Turkey as well as organic groceries. You can select based on the food you’re looking for or the region you want to shop from.