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We’re aware of the fact that almost all of what we eat and drink, the cleaning products that we use in our homes, the make-up products, the shampoos, and in fact all the products that we use in our homes and on our bodies have some sort of dangerous chemicals that affect our health and wellbeing negatively. Yet this awareness may not always lead to a direct solution when we can’t find alternatives for the products that we’ve become so accustomed to using or the organic alternatives that we do find may be so expensive that we give up going toxin-free altogether.

Thankfully, there are those of us who are so passionate about this issue that they have created books and manuals on the subject for us. One of those people is Alison Haynes who wrote the book The Toxin-Free Home: A Guide to Maintaining a Clean, Eco-Friendly and Healthy Home. Haynes provides easy-to-follow, simple solutions and recipes for most personal and house cleaning needs, offering you the option to detox your home and body from chemicals without having to opt for the super expensive store-bought organic products.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, the book is available in Turkey through Pandora and on Amazon for those living abroad.

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