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The Art of Living a Balanced Life

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We strive for peace, happiness, and a state of inner calm. Sometimes we live it; sometimes it feels like we may never get there. In this journey called life, we must always remember one thing when it comes to living a balanced life: this too shall pass.

We’ve all heard the phrase, and most of the time it’s used to give encouragement to those who’re going through a rough patch. But it doesn’t say that something bad will pass, it says this will pass, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.

In fact, if there is one absolute truth about life, it is that everything changes. Nothing stays the same. Life begins, life ends. Happiness comes and goes, anger comes and goes, sadness comes and goes.

If we can accept life as it comes, experience our feelings fully while managing to stay unattached to them, we have figured out a way to live a balanced life.

It may be easier said than done but aren’t we here to master the art of living? All we have to do is to do it once, then do it again, and do it better each time without beating ourselves up for the less-than-perfect attempts.

Living a balanced life, or keeping one’s balance, means different things to different people. For some, it may be about having a clear divide between work and play, while for others it could be about eating healthy with a few treats here and there.

Regardless of how you define balance for yourself, one trick is to examine your inner world and external life closely when you’re feeling balanced and find small, independent actions or behaviors that make you feel grounded and balanced.

For some, singing out loud on a daily basis may provide the daily dose of joy that they need. For others, taking a 30-minute walk or doing yoga with sunrise may give that sense of peace on a daily basis. Whatever it is that reminds you of your inner, unchanging essence that stays put when everything else is changing, discover that and when life throws unexpected things your way, go back to it with determination, and remind yourself of your essence.

Reflect back on the times of your life when you felt completely out of balance and see what kind of behaviors made that period even worse. Because we too add our share of turbulence when we’re thrown off balance and pay the price. Some of us may drink too much, or eat too much, or lock themselves up in their own little worlds, or let their minds take over their lives. Whatever it is that you do that doesn’t serve you when you’re off balance, be aware of it, and kindly ask yourself not to go on that train the next time it comes. And, if you want to take one step further, develop a habit that is the exact opposite. For example, if you get lost in your minds chatter, especially during rough patches, meditate daily to train your mind to stay calm. Or if you tend to retreat from the world, create a life in which your social life is active enough to not let you live under the covers for two weeks at a time.

There is an essence in all of us that is untouched and unchanged, and we may not be able to comprehend it completely or describe it in words, but we know that there is something that exist behind all the words, and the feelings, and the mind talk, and the bodily sensations. It’s very much like the blue sky. We know that the sky is always blue. At night when it’s dark, it appears to be black; when gray clouds cover it, it feels as if they’re never going to leave; but the sky is always, always blue regardless of how we see it. Remember that.

And try to be like the sky. Do you think that the sky gets pissed off at the clouds or that it brags about the fluffy snow or the perfect rainbow? It just is there, being the sky.

Try being the sky. And see what happens when life is out of balance.

Last but not least, be kind to yourself. We are having a human experience in a world that is constantly challenging us. So, you know what, it’s okay to lose your balance. Just be kind to yourself, and see it through. If you can, embrace the imbalance. Have fun with it and see what happens.

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