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Abracadabra: Speak Kindly, Live Kindly

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Many supernatural beings use the word abracadabra to create magic in fantastic films, which roughly translates as “I create as I speak.” That’s not to suggest that we as simple human beings can utter words to create miracles on the spot in real life, but it does make us think about the power words have over us and our reality, if in fantasy worlds they can create magic in an instant.  

Yet, we as human beings are made of 60% water. And if we were to freeze water particles from our bodies, what shapes would they have? If water can be so influenced by the words we use, how are we, as souls living in bodies, affecting our lives and realities with the words we tell ourselves?
Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto believed words held a lot of power and he conducted several experiments to prove how much they can affect us. He chose to work with pure water particles, praying, singing, and talking to them, then freezing those particles to see what kind of crystals they create. He found that negative words and music result in destruction, creating horrid crystals, while positive words, songs and prayers form beautiful crystals, each of them completely unique. The
photos of these water crystals are proof enough that words do have power, at least on water.

There are arguments on both sides – some say that Emoto’s experiment is totally unscientific and there is no proof that words can influence us. But do we really need some Harvard graduate to conduct years-long experiments to be convinced of the power of words? Just look yourself in the mirror, say something kind and see how you feel. Then say something mean, and see how you feel. You probably won’t need any more convincing after that.

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