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Running Guide for Istanbul

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If you’re an Istanbulite who likes running or wants to start running as it seems to be the trendiest exercise of the past year or two, you might need a few tips and tricks on how to go about finding routes that are relatively easy to navigate in a city filled with too many people, way too steep hills, and too many crooked sidewalks that make even walking difficult.

Zero and Nike took on this project a couple of years ago and created a running guide for Istanbul, which gets periodically updated by runners who share their insights. The website lists routes based on districts and distance so you can pick one that’s closest to home or one that suits your fitness level. If you want to be in nature, check out the Princes’ Islands and Belgrad Forest routes; if you want to explore the city while you’re running, check out the routes in Beyoğlu. Each route features comments by runners, giving you an idea of what the experience will be like so you can decide whether it’s something you’d like to try or not. And if you get really into it, you can create your own route and suggest that it’s put up on the site.

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