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The Detox Dairies – Entry 4: Trouble in Paradise

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I decided to take the detox one step further by turning to organic groceries and products. (Click here to see our post on organic bazaars in Istanbul.) Switching from regular, store-brought produce to organic produce from the bazaar required careful planning because the bazaar is set up only once a week and I had to think in advance what I was going to prepare for the next 7 days. It cost a lot more than regular produce but felt better at the same time. I also began replacing cleaning products with their organic alternatives. I learned that organic products may not always clean like their toxic counterparts, but that also depends on what I viewed as clean. For example, none of the organic dishwashing liquid that I tried left the dishes as spotless and shiny as the toxic one but I knew that there was no trace of anything remotely dangerous for my health. If you’re interested in switching to organic cleaning products, most organic bazaars, health food stores (like Balya Organik in Cihangir) and organic food stores (like City Farm) have a variety of options.

Even though I was feeling great about the changes that I was making around the house, after four weeks of my personal version of a detox (no smoking, no alcohol, no sugar, no carbs, no coffee, no dairy), I wasn’t feeling glorious, glowing, and high on energy as I had expected. And this did not make it any easier to continue.

In fact, my morning exercise routine began falling apart sooner than I anticipated. Although I felt fantastic when I included the routine in my life, going to bed early to wake up early and convince myself to work out every morning was more challenging than I had thought.

The fact that I couldn’t keep that up took away the feeling of success that came with everything else that I had managed to do. I was able to make, say, six major changes but not the seventh one. And I began beating myself up for it.

I realized that I was being too hard on myself, not appreciating myself enough for all the things that I had done. It was another habit or addiction to find a fault in myself and undo the good that I had done. And that one certainly had to change!

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