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The Detox Diaries – Entry 3: Social Life, Support System, Exercise

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After the intensive 3-day detox, I was back to a diet that was quite strict but full of fresh, wholesome foods, consisting mainly of vegetables, fish, nuts, and fruits. Nothing processed, nothing fried, nothing packaged.

I began saving quite a lot of money because I was no longer paying for cigarettes, alcohol or take-out.

My social life, which revolved mostly around food and alcohol, was affected when I began turning down “let’s have rakı” invitations. I never thought becoming anti-social was part of the plan.

I had reservations about going to a friend’s wedding because that’s where everyone gets drunk and dances to 90s Turkish pop. How was I going to handle that night on water alone?

I still went to the wedding and learned two big lessons:

  1. I can totally have fun without getting drunk. I realized that the main reason why I drank to dance was so that I could relax and not care about what others thought. I decided, in my most sober self, that I was going to not care and have fun. So I did to the point where everyone thought I was drunk.
  2. Most people don’t comprehend the words “I’m not drinking.” Many of my friends tried to get me to drink at least one drink. You’ll need determination to push away the cocktails.

That got me thinking about support systems. I’d read that a good support system is crucial when a major change is being done. I always questioned that because I believed that if you have enough resolve, you don’t really need anyone. But having enough resolve doesn’t mean you won’t have weak moments. And at times like that having people help you up is what keeps you going.

I experienced this firsthand when I began exercising. I decided to do an intensive half-hour workout at home five times a week. As a late-riser and an infamous couch potato, waking up at 7am for a workout was the biggest challenge yet. I was highly motivated so the first few days came easily. I felt very energized and like I could conquer the world (after all, I had managed to wake up early to workout). Yet in a few days time, waking up early became harder and harder until one day when I decided I could no longer get out of bed let alone exercise. Thankfully, my significant other was there at the time to tell me that some days will be harder than others but you have to push through if you want to do this.

***Next time on the Detox Diaries – Falling off the rail

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