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The Detox Diaries - Entry 1: Coffee & Cigarettes

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Chikirina writer Talya Arditi has gone on a detox adventure and will be sharing her journey with Chikirina readers in the coming weeks. This marks the first entry of the series. Stay tuned for the upcoming ones.

Detoxing or cleansing may not often be tied to the idea of freedom, but for me it was just that. At 30, looking back at my life, I realized I had abused my body with such destructive habits as smoking, binge eating, yo-yo dieting, and immobility. Yet, I had come to a point in my life when old ways did no longer serve me, physically, mentally or spiritually. So I decided to set myself free.

I had been a smoker for over 10 years, with at least a pack per day. I stopped smoking cold turkey on a Friday afternoon.

Honestly, I had enjoyed smoking very much, but I wanted to do something very drastic to show my body that I loved it and that I cared for it. Same for myself. I wanted to show myself on a daily basis that I was doing something for myself, to care and nurture myself. That is, after all, what love is, right?

That same afternoon, I stopped drinking coffee as well. And I did this not because I thought drinking coffee was bad for my health but because I was addicted to it. I had spent the past 2 years not being able to function like a normal human being without a sip of coffee first thing in the morning, and I wanted to free myself from such an attachment. I do plan on going back to drinking coffee moderately at some point.

I also cleared my kitchen off all foods and products that weren’t healthy, such as white sugar, chocolate, candy, sauces, unhealthy oils, and all packaged goods including the ones that looked innocent but turned out to have sugar in them. I wanted to move from unhealthy, calorie-high, nutrient-low foods to real, fresh food. That also brought an end to ordering in and meant that I had to cook and make sure there was clean food in the fridge at all times.

These first two weeks went by like a breeze. I felt confident, motivated, strong, and proud. My teeth immediately whitened naturally, I felt more energy in the mornings (and I’m not saying I was energetic but I wasn’t feeling dragged down at least).  I was still eating carbs, although much less than I used to. And I lowered my intake of sweets and red meat to once a week, and alcohol to twice a week.  I was excited for the coming weeks when I was going to totally eliminate sugar, dairy, and alcohol for good.

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