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Headstand Workshop

In this 2-hour workshop, beginners will be able to learn the basics of headstands while more advanced students will be able to refresh their memory and improve their practice. Participants will prepare for the headstand by strengthening the upper body, the shoulders, and the core, and then they’ll be able to have fun through the posture.

Place: Om Yoga (Türkali Mah. Mısırlıbahçe Sok. No. 55A, Beşiktaş)

Date and Time: Saturday, May 7 from 12pm to 2pm

Instructor: İrem Greenfield and Dilek Gün

Price: 70 TL + KDV

Contact info: (0212) 322 28 19 or


Growing Food at Your Balcony

Living in Istanbul means beings separated from nature and earth for most of us. Yet, if we have a tiny balcony, we can turn it into a little organic garden with the right tools. This hands-on workshop will give you just that – the tools and information you need to grow your own toxic-free food at home in the middle of the city.

Place: Feneryolu

Date and Time: Saturday, May 7 from 11am to 1.30pm

Instructor: Didem Çivici

Price: 90 TL

Contact info:


Yoga for Better Posture

This three-hour workshop will give information on various posture problems and the reasons behind them, and then use specific asanas to improve posture.

Place: Hariom Yoga Merkezi (Rüştiye Sokak Nida çıkmazı Şafak Apt. No:10 D:2 Kızıltoprak / Kadıköy)

Date and Time: Saturday, May 7 at 2pm

Instructor: Serhan Bulut

Price: 150 TL

Contact info: or (0216) 414 69 86


Yoga at Maçka Park

If you want to do some yoga outdoors, don’t miss this event. Meeting will be by the fountain at the park. Suitable for beginners. Directions will also be given in English.

Place: Maçka Park (Harbiye)

Date and Time: Sunday, May 8 at 10am

Instructor: Erol Benjamin Scott

Price: Free

Contact info: or 0533 650 80 70


Yoga for Better Memory

Are you one of those people who can barely remember what they had to eat for lunch yesterday? Then try Yoga Nidra and specific visualization techniques to improve your memory.

Place: Hariom Yoga Merkezi (Rüştiye Sokak Nida çıkmazı Şafak Apt. No:10 D:2 Kızıltoprak / Kadıköy)

Date and Time: Saturday, 14 May from 2pm to 4pm

Instructor: Funda Çağlar

Price: 70 TL + KDV

Contact info: or (0216) 414 69 86


Days of Inspiring Films: Sports

Watch the best international short films that revolve around the theme of sports and focus on courage, strength of character, and the power of faith. Film screenings will begin at 12pm, 1.30pm and 4.30pm. Expert talks will be held between 3pm and 4.30pm. Tickets can be bought here.

Place: TÜRVAK Sinema-Tiyatro Müzesi (Yeniçarşı Cad. No. 24 Galatasaray, Beyoğlu)

Date and Time: Saturday, May 14 from 12pm to 6pm

Price: 15 TL


Expand your AcroYoga practice and go beyond your limit in this two-day workshop in a safe and guided environment. There’ll be a lot of focus on Solar Practice, handstands, spinning, popping, and inversions. The workshop will be held in English. (Chikirina will be having a trunk show at Yoga Time at this date, so come and check out Chikirina products after the workshop.)

Place: Yoga Time (Halaskargazi Cad. Yılmazlar Pasajı Hüseyin Hilmi Paşa İş Hanı. No: 153 Kat:1, Şişli)

Date and Time: May 14-15

Instructor: John Karvelis and Evaggelia Mosiou

Price: 185 TL (Saturday, by card), 160 TL (Saturday, cash), 140 TL (Sunday, by card), 120 TL (Sunday, cash), 290 TL (the weekend, by card), 250 TL (the weekend, cash)

Contact info: (0212) 343 9310


Reebok Fitness Fest

The city’s fittest will take part in a crossfit challenge in Caddebostan Park for two days straight. Go and see what they’re up to while taking group classes on crossfit, yoga, pilates, les mills, and spinning.

Place: Caddebostan Park (right across from Şaşkınbakkal Günaydın)

Date and Time: 14-15 May

Contact info:


Make Peace with Fear Through Headstands

Headstands frighten most people. But once that fear is faced, then it can transform into excitement. This workshop will introduce you to headstands and build a foundation for them while working with a partner or the wall. Suitable for those new to headstands as well as those who are experienced.

Place: Nefess Yoga (Nene Hatun Sok. Binbir Apt.No: 7/B Moda / Kadıköy)

Date and Time: Sunday, May 15 from 2.30pm to 5.30pm

Instructor: Fırat Tosun

Contact info: or (0216) 550 03 00


Masters of Movement

Seratonin Akademi has organized a wonderful 2-day event with England’s top names in pilates. Alan Herdman is the legendary instructor who first brought pilates to England. He’ll be teaching What’s Higher Than The Advanced Mat Workout, Cueing, and Hip prosthesis. James D'Silva, the personal coach of the likes of Madonna and the founder of the Garudo method, will be teaching Garuda Matwork Foundation, Garuda Standing, Garuda Seated, Yoga Brick, and Dhara Chair. The instructor of premier league clubs and an elite dancer, Suzanne Scott will teach Working On The Sidelines, Push-Pull-Hold, and Small Stuff. To see the full schedule and for further information, click here.

Place: İstanbul Marriott Hotel Asia

Date and Time: 21-22 May

Instructor: Alan Herdman, James D'Silva and Suzanne Scott

Price: 750 TL (1 day), 1000 TL (both days)

Contact info: 0534 8422846


Face Yoga

Facial muscles can strengthen through right breathing and yoga. And that’s what this workshop is all about: using specific techniques to decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Each participant will get a booklet with the moves done in class so that they can keep practicing at home.

Place: Aletya Yoga (Akşam Sefası Sok. No.2, Sarıyer, Zekeriyaköy)

Date and Time: Tuesday, May 24 at 1pm

Instructor: Yeşim Atik

Contact info: or (0212) 202 6267


History of Yoga

The birth of yoga, the philosophy behind it, how it spread from the East to the West, and anything else you wanted to learn about yoga will be discussed in this talk.

Place: Cihangir Yoga Caddebostan (Bağdat Cad. No. 270, Caddebostan)

Date and Time: Saturday, May 28 from 8pm to 9.30pm

Instructor: Defne Suman

Price: Free

Contact info: (0216) 360 99 90



Breeze of Serenity – Dream Yoga Fest

Imagine five days by the sea, sunbathing, swimming, meeting like-minded people, and learning more about yoga and spirituality. If that sounds like a dream come true, then this festival is probably what you’re looking for. Local and international instructors, all experts in their field, will be teaching a wide range of classes, including yin yoga, astrology, budokon yoga, meditation, aerial yoga, stand-up paddle, tai chi, ayurveda, and more. Click here to see the full schedule, get more information, and sign up for the festival.

Place: Kabak Valley, Fethiye

Date and Time: 19-23 May

Instructor: Local and international experts

Price: Between 1150TL and 1580TL (depending on the choice of accommodation)

Contact info: or 0 532 694 56 85




Cappadox is a multi-disciplinary cultural festival filled with art, music, nature and well-being programs. The festival features concerts, special performances, exhibitions, workshops and nature walks. PLUS – Chikirina will be there at the Bazaar area where you’ll be able to check out Chiki products and get a sneak peak of new products launching soon! For more information on the festival, click here.

Place: Cappadocia

Date and Time: 19-22 May


Trunk Show at Yoga Time

Come and check out Chikirina products at Yoga Time on May 14th and 15th.




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