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An Inspiration in the Midst of Taksim

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They plant, they harvest, they cook and they share. This pretty much sums up what Ek Biç Ye İç does. Located in the heart of Taksim, this unusual venue is much more than a restaurant – they are a living, breathing example of how sustainability can be lived out in the city. An experiment in urban agriculture, Ek Biç Ye İç is a meeting point for those who value local ingredients and nature-friendly systems.

Their menu is simple but their food is local, and mostly organic, and most of their ingredients are grown in the garden at the back. They have soups, salads, and wraps (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free options are available as well).  

If you’re looking for affordable and healthy food or if you want to learn more about sustanaible living and growing your own food, then stop by Ek Biç Ye İç for some inspiration.

Ek Biç Ye İç is open from 10am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday. Address: Taksim İnönü Caddesi 9a, Beyoğlu.

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