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Release, Stretch, Learn: Workshops Coming Up This Weekend

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If you’d like to spend this weekend learning, changing, and growing, take a look at our compilation of various workshops taking place in the city this weekend. 

Free Self-defense Workshop for Women: In a country where women are killed, beaten, and assaulted on a daily basis, it’s crucial to educate all agents of the society to change their attitude and behavior. Yet until fundamental change has taken place, women need to protect themselves either by sensing threat in advance and taking appropriate action or physically defending themselves when need be. As such, a free self-defense workshop will be held at a martial arts center in Fatih to empower and educate women.  

Place: The Last Round (Yavuz Sultan Selim Mahallesi, Fodlaci Sokak 10/A, Fatih)

Date and Time: Saturday, April 2nd from 3pm to 5pm

Price: Free

Contact info: Elif Ural at 0539 290 91 88

Ayurveda for Uterine Health and Hormonal Balance: Third generation ayurveda physician Dr.Vignesh Devraj from the prominent Sitaram Ayurveda school in the Kerala region of South India will be in Istanbul for a workshop specifically designed for women. Ayurveda is an ancient system that originated in India, and it literally means the knowledge of life. In order to realize your life goals, whether they are spiritual or material, you’ll need a body full of energy and a vigorous mind, and Ayurveda is all about bringing the body back to its natural balance. In this 2.5-hours workshop, the following topics will be covered: ayurvedic rituals for women and how to practice them, an ayurvedic perspective on female health and explanations on important cycles, ways to balance out bodily factors that cause imbalances for women, ways to decrease the effects of stress-related female problems, easy home-made detox practices, simple ayurvedic mixtures, regulating dietary practices, ayurvedic massage, and cleansing the uterus with panchakarma.

Place: İnanna Kadın Farkındalık Merkezi (Bağdat Caddesi, Suadiye Mah, Açangül Sk, Sema Apt, 6/9 Şaşkınbakkal)

Date and Time: Saturday, April 2nd from 10.30am to 1pm

Instructor: Dr.Vignesh Devraj

Price: 100TL

Contact info: 0532 606 20 40 or

Yoga for Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is an unfortunate modern sickness that many of us suffer from. If you’ve been feeling tired or having muscle and joint aches regardless of the amount of sleep and rest you’ve been getting, head to this workshop to revitalize, increase your energy, and improve the quality of your life with some breathing exercises and yoga poses.

Place: Yoga Time (Halaskargazi Cad. Yılmazlar Pasajı Hüseyin Hilmi Paşa İş Hanı. No: 153 Kat:1, Şişli)

Date and Time: Saturday, April 2nd from 2pm to 5pm

Instructor: Yeşim Ecem Oral

Price: 100 TL (cash), 120 TL (credit card)

Contact info: 02123439310 or 05304189503

Budokon Yoga Workshop

Budokon is a blend of martial arts and yoga, a system which inspires the practitioner to stand up straight, protect their rights, and take solid steps to reach their goals. Budokon yoga brings together Hatha poses and martial arts movements, and creates a dynamic flow that strengthens and awakens. The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as advanced yogis.

Place: Yoga Time (Halaskargazi Cad. Yılmazlar Pasajı Hüseyin Hilmi Paşa İş Hanı. No: 153 Kat:1, Şişli)

Date and Time: Sunday, April 3rd from 2pm to 5pm

Instructor: Canset Bağan

Price: 125 (cash), 140 (credit card)

Contact info: 02123439310 or 05304189503

Yin Yoga and Meridians Workshop

This workshop will focus on the liver and bladder meridians to release the fear and anger within. As you work through connective tissues in Yin Yoga, the energy channels called meridians are also influenced. As you stay in poses that affect the liver and bladder meridians, you will get a chance to search for ways to let go of the emotions that are released from these meridians.

Place: Yoga Şala Nişantaşı (Teşvikiye Cad. Celal Derviş Apt. 16/7, Nişantaşı)

Date and Time: Sunday, April 3rd from 2pm to 4.30pm

Instructor: Çamay Somalı

Price: 90 TL

Contact info: 0212 241 00 67

The Art of Stone Balancing Workshop

Stone balancing is a Northern Tibetan practice that allows the person to become aware of their thought patterns, decision-making models, and conditioning that hinders their life, and allows them the space to build anew. It’s an active meditative practice in which 11 stones will be placed on top of each other. You will get a chance to see the types of obstacles that your subconscious puts on your way and be able to rest your mind, improve your ability to come up with a constructive approach to problems, develop a better decision making capacity, and get to know yourself better.

Place: Ayaküstü Masaj (Sarraf Ali Sokak No: 13, Kadıköy)

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 5th from 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Instructor: Barış Haluk Otman

Price: 100TL

Contact info: 0216 346 55 66

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