Juice Yourself to a Healthier You

Juicing has become quite a trend in the healthy lifestyles circles and fitness enthusiasts. But what is it really about and where can you go to get a high-quality juice and reliable advice?

A Harvard graduate, a nutritionist, an expert in raw food and detox, a blog writer, and an advocate for a vegetable-based diet, Aylin Erman is the owner of Jüs, a Cihangir-based company offering cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. In addition to their wide selection of juices, they also offer juice and food detox packages that are perfect for cleansing your body of toxins. Plus – the in-house nutritionist creates personalized detox packages for those who don’t want to start this journey solo.  

We had a quick talk with Aylin to learn more about detoxing and the best way for beginners to start off.

What kind of changes can people expect to have after doing just a one-time 1-day detox? Do they need to do it once a month to reap the benefits?

There is no one-size-fits-all way to go about a detox program. I know people who do a 1-day cleanse each week and others who do a 3-day cleanse each month to maintain their personal health and wellness goals. I do a 2-3 day juice cleanse at the turn of each season. I have been prepping my body and applying detox lifestyle principles for nearly a decade – I don’t need to do a more extreme cleanse as much as I used to when I was first starting out. Many people, however, do. How often you need to detox and with what (juices or foods) is determined by your dietary background, your predilection to certain diseases, and your gender.

What's the difference between the food detoxes and juice detoxes? How should one choose between the two? 

A detox lifestyle is just that – a lifestyle. Detoxification is a process that our bodies already undergo naturally, it’s just a matter of whether we play along and help the process with our personal dietary and lifestyle choices, or not. With that said, cleansing is not just about abstaining from food entirely. It is relative. I lead a detox lifestyle and still enjoy chocolate, cheese, and bread! Detoxification occurs any time you improve your diet and consciously structure the foods that you do eat so that they digest quickly and efficiently.

An improved diet, full of plant-based, high-alkaline foods will awaken the toxins in the body and guide them out through the detoxification channels: bowel, breath, skin, etc. Because juices are separated from their fibers, they do not require digestion, which means your body doesn’t have to work so hard to process them. When this happens, you detox faster and more efficiently than if you were to improve your diet just through foods. However, this is not to say that you should always choose juices for a quick-fix solution to your body and health issues. Again, it is relative. If you eat a lot of processed foods, meat, and dairy, a food cleanse would be a more effective way to lose weight and feel great. A juice cleanse would be too harsh on the system of someone who comes from a background of poor dietary choices – to the point that it could even be harmful.

It was super important for me to have a food cleanse option, because it reflects what I have learned to be true about the detox lifestyle – it is actually not extreme and it can be delicious, fun, and sustainable.

What kind of benefits would one get by drinking one Jüs juice once a day? Would that be a way to help the body balance out the rest of the food consumed throughout the day?

When you aren’t doing a more structured cleanse, just adding a green juice or smoothie per day will reap you great awards. Green leaves are essential if you are only having one juice or smoothie per day. They contain chlorophyll, which is highly alkaline, and essentially go down like a ray of sunshine in your body.   

If someone wants to do a 3-day or 1-week detox, how should they create a plan with your products? 

They first have to assess their diet and be honest with themselves. It never helps to be an overachiever when it comes to dieting – that never works. Baby steps make the biggest and most lasting difference. In the same way you shouldn’t look at your neighbor and think, “well, she smokes, drinks, eats lots of meat, and never exercises and is beautiful, happy, and energetic, why should I do any different?!”, you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people’s experience with detox programs or assume that the most intense cleanse will do you the best favors. You may not be ready for a 1-week juice cleanse, and that’s okay.

Is the food detox more of a get-your-body-used-to-detoxing kind of thing to do before a juice detox or is it the opposite? Does it make more sense to do a food detox after a juice detox so that the body has a smoother comeback to food?

Both. You can certainly prepare for a juice cleanse or follow one with your own resources. On our website, we outline tips to help get that done. However, our food cleanse can make it a lot easier for you to go about your cleanse, before and after. In actuality, the food cleanses stand alone as effective detox programs in their own right. As I mentioned before, they are better for people who don’t want to commit to something as extreme or restrictive as a juice cleanse or who simply may not be ready to push their body that hard.

For the regular person - what is the ideal detox time frame (1 day or 4 days for example) to cleanse the body before starting a clean-eating diet or lifestyle?

Again, there is no cookie cutter answer. But, if you choose the right kind of cleanse fit for your body, I would say the best time frame is between 3 and 5 days. You don’t start to feel very real effects until the 3rd day – that’s when you start to wake up happy and light and energetic, and by the 5th day, you are ready to start chewing again.