Ayaküstü Masaj: Kadıköy’s Answer to an Urban Sanctuary

The harmony of the body, mind and soul creates wholeness within. That’s why it is crucial to take care of each part of our being. It’s best though when we can create a holistic approach and nurture more than one at a time.

Ayaküstü Masaj in Kadıköy is such a place where the main focus is on healing the body through such therapies that also help heal the mind and soul.

Founded by a family who was inspired by the foot massages done on the streets of Thailand, Ayaküstü Masaj was created to bring massage to the masses per se. If anyone walking the streets of Bangkok could afford a quick foot massage, why shouldn’t it be so for those in Istanbul?So they established Ayaküstü Masaj in Kadıköy with the same spirit – offering affordable massage therapies in a clean, simple, down-to-earth setting with therapists who are experts in their fields.

The first floor of their center is devoted to an ancient Chinese practice called reflexology, which is a unique type of massage that is done on the feet, hands, and the face where pressure is applied to specific points that are tied to internal organs of the body. Reflexology aids in balancing the energy flow of the body, releasing toxins, relieving stress, strengthening the immune system and leaving you totally relaxed by the end of the massage. It is also regarded as an alternative medicine because the pressure applied to the specific points alerts the mind to heal any existing imbalances in the organs. 

The upper floor features massage rooms where you can get a variety of therapies, including Thai massage, Swedish massage, stone therapy, and aromatherapy. You can also pamper yourself with skincare and detoxifying therapies. Those who want to start a regular yoga practice or pilates training can participate in the small group lessons held here on weekdays. You can also head here on Saturdays for their transformational breathing lessons.

In short, if you have been looking for a holistic center run with the principles of sincerity and honesty with the aim of sharing wisdom and health, then you’ve found your place.