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Yoga Events in March

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Whether you’re a yogi who’s looking to advance their practice or a beginner looking for new approaches to explore yoga, here are two events that might interest you:

Hariom Yoga is hosting a “Chakra Balance through Yoga Nidra” workshop. In this two-hour workshop, you’ll be able to cleanse the stuck energies in your seven main chakras and balance your energy flow. Since all chakras affect parts of the body, an imbalance in the chakras often shows itself as a physical illness. So if you want to spend a day taking care of your body and soul at the same time, this is the workshop for you. (Note: You need to make a booking in advance to attend this workshop.)

Place: Hariom Yoga (Rüştiye Sokak Nida çıkmazı Şafak Apt. No:10 D:2  Kızıltoprak / Kadıköy)

Date and Time: Saturday, March 12th from 2pm to 4pm

Instructor: Funda Çağlar

Price: 70 TL +KDV

Contact info: or (0216) 414 69 86


Nefess Yoga is hosting a “Chair Yoga” workshop, which basically means that you’ll learn to do mat-free yoga while sitting on or standing next to and supported by a chair. This workshop is especially intended for those who work in an office or are mostly inactive in their daily lives. This kind of lifestyle inevitably damages our posture and spine, resulting in backaches, neck aches, and problems in the leg and hip areas. If you want to do yourself a favor, take a few hours of your day to learn some basic moves to avert the effects of an inactive lifestyle and maybe get inspired to become more active. (Note: You need to make a booking in advance to attend this workshop.)

Place: Nefess Yoga (Nene Hatun Sok. Binbir Apt.No: 7/B Moda / Kadıköy)

Date and Time: Sunday, March 20th from 12.30pm to 3pm

Instructor: Aslı Aral

Price: 120 TL +KDV

Contact info: or (0216) 550 03 00  

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